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A Perfect Storm for USPS

But Information is a Safe Harbor As anyone who attends to news outlets knows, the new Postmaster General (PMG), Louis DeJoy, stepped into a furious partisan firefight.  He became a central figure in it, due in large part to his…

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Digital is no longer different

When I was a kid, there was a push to buy American.  The thought was that if you bought a GM car, you were supporting your neighbor who worked at the plant.  Now, here in Tennessee, we have friends who…

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Focus. Energy. Action.

Final in a series of five And now we have come to the fifth and final installment of my blog series on the Growth out of a Crisis webinar series presented by my colleague, Alan Clayton at Philanthropy & Fundraising…

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Don’t Unconsciously Overlook Women

We encourage you to also read this recent post by our guest blog author, Kathleen Loehr, on taking personal responsibility for finding and sharing diverse stories of women and philanthropy, and for not defaulting to a single identity of privilege and…

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Good trouble

"[W]e were beaten, tear gassed, and trampled by horses. I thought I saw death. I thought I was going to die. I don't know how I made it back, but I know we cannot rest. We cannot become weary. We…

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TNPA Legislative Report | July 2020

Congress returned from its July 4th recess with much to complete before it adjourns for its long August recess, likely sometime early in the month.  As the map below clearly displays, only a few states are in regular session. An…

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