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“I truly believe that TNPA is what the sector needs.”-Angel Aloma, Executive Director, Food for the Poor

Code of Standards and Ethics

The Nonprofit Alliance
Code of Standards and Ethics

The Nonprofit Alliance (TNPA) exists to foster the development and growth of nonprofit organizations and to protect the donors, members, partners, and volunteers that support them. Though our individual missions may be distinct, we believe we represent what is best about our nation and are fully committed to the highest level of ethical standards and behavior. The base of this commitment is trust that we as professionals are acting in the best interest of our people, our communities and the organizations we serve. Public goodwill and trust are critical to both our mission and our vision of a thriving nonprofit sector that has the resources and influence to meaningfully change the world for the better.

While the list of guidelines, by nature, will continue to evolve, the core of TNPA, a nonpartisan organization, is to maintain enduring higher values and a sense of purpose that will not be compromised. Membership requires a commitment to uplift others through the causes we champion and through our unwavering belief in the philosophy that through our work, we are all better together.

TNPA members agree as a basis of their membership to abide by and uphold this Code of Standards and Ethics and to promote awareness and adoption of these standards throughout their organization and their business relationships.

TNPA members will:

1. Conduct business in a transparent and ethical manner, including finance and operations, marketing and fundraising, human resources, delivery of mission and product, and formal and informal partnerships with other nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

2. Communicate in a collaborative and inclusive manner.

3. At all times, practice and promote lawful business practices.

4. Follow the spirit of this Code of Standards and Ethics and help hold fellow members accountable for actions that represent the greater nonprofit community.


Should an individual member or member organization be found in non-compliance with this Code of Standards and Ethics, the board may decide on a course of action appropriate to the severity of the violation(s).


The board has the right to deny any individual or organization membership.

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