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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


TNPA DEI Vision:
The nonprofit sector reflects the diversity of the communities it serves, values all stakeholders regardless of their background, and provides everyone the same opportunities and support needed to grow.

TNPA DEI Mission:
Promotes: Advocates for a fully diverse, inclusive, and equitable nonprofit sector through authentic stakeholder engagement and accountability for achieving outcomes.
Protects: Identifies barriers and promotes sustainable solutions.
Strengthens: Provides education and resources needed to foster DEI excellence.

The Nonprofit Alliance believes that the nonprofit sector’s ability to change the world is not possible without diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). At our first Leadership Summit in fall 2019, we began to identify the roles and responsibilities TNPA and its members should adopt to advance diverse and inclusive workplaces, which in turn will enable nonprofits to better serve the broadest span of people, communities, and issues.

For TNPA, that work had to begin from within. We brought in a DEI consultant who guided a more intentional, inclusive board and staff recruitment process. When Covid-19 curtailed our April 2020 conference and public DEI Initiative launch, we seized the opportunity to revisit our focus based on the new opportunities and challenges presented by the changing face of a remote workplace, as well as the health, safety, and employment disparities revealed by the pandemic.

Our announcement of the TNPA DEI Initiative coincided with the massive public conversation about systemic racism in early summer 2020. When the fabric of our society tears, it is the nonprofit community that stands up first to begin the mending. It is both a calling and a responsibility. When the question is asked, “Who can fix this?” our response must be certain and sure. “We will.”

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