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TNPA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Calendar

 Download Now Available:


At TNPA, we support organizations working to be more inclusive and respectful of different cultures. This includes thoughtful consideration of various cultural and religious holidays when scheduling important meetings, mandatory staff events, and work travel expectations. Too often, our calendar defaults include only the standard federal and Christian holidays.

We created this Diversity & Inclusion Calendar to help you stay on top of more than 50 dates and holidays that might be important to staff and clients. Some of the dates will impact scheduling decisions, and others are simply worth noting because they may have special significance to your colleagues.

Click below to download the calendar or copy the link to add it directly into your current calendar (most online calendars have the option to “Add New Calendar” via a URL). The dates will be marked and you can be aware of them, and choose which to recognize, celebrate, and schedule around.

We hope you find this helpful in your efforts to be inclusive of a diverse variety of people. We’ll distribute an updated calendar each year and welcome your suggestions for future editions.¬†

Copy this URL and add it to your calendar:

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