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About Us

There is an ever-increasing reliance on nonprofits to address the world’s most persistent problems. The Nonprofit Alliance formed in 2018 in response to a growing urgency for an authoritative voice to promote, protect, and strengthen the philanthropic sector.  

Our Story

Public support from individual donors represents almost 80 percent of philanthropic funding in the United States, and with every contribution, our donors affirm their faith that we will adhere to the highest standards of trust and effectiveness.  We take their trust and their generosity very seriously, for it is through this partnership of donors and nonprofits that we make a meaningful difference in our world.

Our Members

Nonprofit organizations A majority of our members are nonprofit organizations based in the United States, as well as a small number of internationally-located nonprofit organizations.  Our member organizations range in size, from those with annual budgets of less than $500k serving their local communities to others with budgets of more than $750m and global reach.  Most importantly, our nonprofit members represent diverse cause areas: human services, health, religion, veterans, children, seniors, animals, conservation, and others.

Commercial partners.  Many nonprofit organizations partner with third party businesses for specialized services including public outreach, fundraising, technology and data management, legal and regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and resource development.  Our membership includes these partners who help increase the scope of nonprofit impact.

The Nonprofit Alliance members, both nonprofit and commercial, share the following values:

> We care about accountability to a society that understands and values the vital role of nonprofits in our world today.  

> We care about responsible use of technology and data that enable nonprofits to provide relevant, timely outreach to people who care about our missions.

> We care about donors and supporters as individuals who are as invested in our work as we are.

> We care about the future of our sector.  

The Nonprofit Alliance is committed to doing what is needed today to ensure that nonprofits continue to have the resources and influence they need to thrive.

Our Vision

A thriving nonprofit sector that has the resources and influence to meaningfully change the world.

Our Mission

We will be the authoritative voice of nonprofits to promote, protect, and strengthen the philanthropic sector in the best interests of donors and beneficiaries.

Who We Are


The Nonprofit Alliance is volunteer-driven, with leadership from our members who serve on committees. Contact us for more information about how to get involved in one of TNPA’s committees:

  • Educational Programming
  • Ethics
  • Government Affairs
  • Membership
  • Outreach & Communications
  • Sponsorship

Our Goals

Our members, representing the diverse landscape of nonprofit organizations and the partners that support them, are unified in our ambitions to innovate, educate, and thrive.

  • Unify specialized and regional nonprofit membership associations into a single, stronger alliance that protects the legacy, leadership, and distinct value of each.
  • Represent and uphold the best interests of nonprofits in federal and state legislative matters, including postal, tax, regulatory, and responsible use of data, such that new laws and policies clearly recognize and address the important role of nonprofits and specifically consider appropriate distinctions.
  • Deliver exemplary educational and professional development opportunities that challenge the nonprofit sector to engage, innovate, and inspire.
  • Build greater trust in the nonprofit sector by upholding our standards of ethics and accountability and by communicating the significant positive impact – both economic and social – that the sector has on the individuals and societies they serve.
  • Impact the evolution of consumer expectations and behavior by meaningfully and appropriately engaging donors, members, and beneficiaries through the changing array of integrated channels available today and tomorrow.
  • Celebrate our community of professionals who have dedicated our lives to uplifting others through the causes we champion and through our unwavering faith in the philosophy that in our work, we are all better together.
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