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SAVE THE DATE:   Leadership Summit 2023   |  Sept 19–21  |  Washington, DC

As a leader, you divide your time and focus between three levels of impact: ME, yourself as a visionary, innovator, guide, and engineer.  WE, your organization, team, or other circle of influence.  And COMMUNITY, the nonprofit sector as a whole. The Leadership Summit is your opportunity to come together with other sector leaders to envision what’s possible.

The TNPA Leadership Summit prioritizes networking time over podium speakers.  We use Liberating Structures, facilitation techniques that stimulate critical conversations and liberate the full potential of any group to elevate the expertise in the room. Attendees will take these facilitation tools and skills back to their own organizations to help ensure all voices are being heard and to spur greater leadership and innovation.

What Summit Attendees Are Saying

“High-level, strategic thinking approach to all the sessions. It wasn’t the normal ‘how to implement xyz,’ but more ‘how do we transform our industry for the better.’ This was exciting!”

“The configuration, with a great mix of partners and nonprofits, brought together in a small group setting was amazing for networking and group discussion.”

“The small size gave you a great ability to network and have great 1:1 conversations.”

“Great people. New ideas. Thoughtfully executed.”

“Best Leadership Summit I have attended.”

Leadership Steering Committee 

Nick Ellinger, Moore; Kelly England, Multiply Strategies; Steve Froehlich, ALSAC / St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital; Jennifer Ingram, Wiland; Rich Kostro, Share Our Strength; Linda Platt, Mikva Challenge; Allison Porter, Avalon Consulting Group; Kyla Shawyer, Philanthropy & Fundraising North America; John Thompson, TrueSense Marketing; Debbie Weir, Cancer Support Community

Leadership Summit Registration Coming Soon

TNPA Leadership Summits offer an exceptional opportunity to deepen connections with fellow senior leaders. Attendance is restricted to TNPA members and invited guests. Seating will be capped at 150 attendees. Participation is recommended for senior leaders with 15+ years experience, a title of Vice President (or equivalent) and higher, or other distinguishing experience as a sector change-maker.

Corporate attendance is limited to one person per company to allow for greater diversity of participation.  Registration for current Leadership Lab enrollees does not count against this one person limit.

Code of Conduct: 

  • The Nonprofit Alliance (TNPA) exists to foster the development and growth of nonprofit organizations and to protect the donors, members, partners, and volunteers that support them.  At all educational offerings and conferences, we commit to fostering an environment free from physical, emotional, and psychological harm. We will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, and intimidation of any form. All individuals must exhibit professionalism, must demonstrate respect for others, must act with civility, and must refrain from inappropriate and unwelcomed physical contact, sexual references and aggressive advances.
  • Anyone who experiences or witnesses a violation to these standards, should immediately contact TNPA CEO Shannon McCracken.  Anyone found in violation of the TNPA Code of Conduct by any means may receive a warning, have membership suspended, registration forfeited, or experience escalation to legal authorities.
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