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Site Selection Policy

The Nonprofit Alliance | The Nonprofit Alliance Foundation
Site Selection Policy


The Nonprofit Alliance and The Nonprofit Alliance Foundation (collectively, TNPA) are committed to fostering effective networking, professional development, and advocacy among its members through conferences and other events. This Site Selection Policy guides the selection of event venues based on predefined criteria, balancing accessibility, affordability, and desirability to meet the needs of our diverse membership.

1. Accessibility

1.1. Transportation: Venues should be easily accessible by public and private transportation, with preference given to locations near major airports and train stations and with ample parking and/or public transit convenience for local attendees.

1.2. Location: Locations that minimize travel time and cost for attendees will be prioritized. Special attention will be given to venues that are accessible to attendees with disabilities, ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

2. Affordability

2.1. Cost-Effectiveness: The cost of hosting an event at the venue, including room rentals, food and beverage service, and audio-visual services, should offer attendees value for their registration expense and align with TNPA’s budgetary constraints.

2.2. Accommodation: Venues offering affordable lodging options within walking distance or short transport routes will be preferred. Special rates for attendees will always be negotiated where allowed.

3. Desirability

3.1. Destinations: Some cities and venues are more appealing to potential attendees, speakers, and sponsors than others for a multitude of reasons including seasonal weather, local restaurants and attractions, and historical significance. Preference will be given to preferred destinations.

3.2. Ambiance: The venue should have a positive atmosphere that is conducive to networking, learning, and collaboration, with space appropriately sized for the projected number of attendees.

4. Evaluation and Decision-Making Process

4.1. Site Inspection: A thorough site inspection will be conducted by TNPA staff or designated representatives to assess the venue’s compliance with this policy.

4.2. Stakeholder Consultation: Key stakeholders, including event sponsors, planning committee members, and attendee representatives, may be consulted to gather input on potential venues.

4.3. Final Selection: The final venue selection will be made by TNPA staff, taking into consideration the criteria outlined in this policy and the results of site inspections and consultations.

5. Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed as needed to reflect changes in TNPA’s event strategy, membership needs, or industry standards.

6. Acknowledgment of Changing Conditions

TNPA recognizes that the conditions surrounding our chosen event locations can evolve between the time of contracting and the actual event. These changes may encompass a range of unpredictable factors, including, but not limited to, politically sensitive issues. We understand that such developments can be particularly concerning for nonprofits devoted to fostering safe, just, and equitable communities.

Due to contractual or other binding commitments, relocating an event to another state or venue is generally unfeasible. In these circumstances, TNPA commits to undertaking every possible measure to ensure the comfort and safety of all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and other anticipated guests.

Moreover, TNPA will explore avenues through which the nonprofit sector can utilize its collective voice and presence to raise awareness and influence positive change regarding the issue at hand. This may involve incorporating related discussions into the event agenda, engaging with local stakeholders, or other initiatives designed to highlight and address the concern within the context of our gathering.

By acknowledging the potential for such changes and outlining our approach to navigating them, TNPA reaffirms its commitment to creating meaningful, impactful, and welcoming events that align with our values and the expectations of our membership community.

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