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Did you miss our February Legislative Update, hosted by DMFA?  You can catch up here.

More to give: Donor sentiment on 2020 year-end giving | October 13, 2020

The big question on every fundraiser’s mind today is: What will year-end giving look like? Rather than gaze into a crystal ball, we decided to go right to the source. We asked donors. In this webinar, The Nonprofit Alliance Foundation and RKD Group teamed up to present our in-depth research on donor sentiment. We also brought in three experts from nonprofit organizations to offer their thoughts on what to expect this December.

(Re)Launching Your Face-to-Face Program | October 5, 2020

Are you considering re-launching your face-to-face fundraising program? Are you wondering what F2F looks like after a full pause? Are you looking to launch your first F2F program to fill funding and revenue gaps caused by Covid-19?  Three leading nonprofits made the decision to get back into the market in mid-2020. Learn why they decided “yes” and how they prepared their teams to be fundraising in-field. This program is an excellent resource for program managers and organizational decision-makers.

Leading by Example: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Nonprofit Sector | September 15, 2020

The Nonprofit Alliance hosts a c-suite armchair discussion about the transformational effect of diversifying an organization’s leadership team and leading with active accountability. Distinguished nonprofit leaders speak candidly of their own successes — and setbacks — in prioritizing diverse and inclusive values, emphasizing the critical importance of top-down value ownership and the responsibility to lead and mentor through senior management teams.

The Time is Now: Fix Your Data & Watch Your Fundraising Flourish | July 9, 2020

In today’s nonprofit landscape, fewer donors are giving to fewer organizations. This shift in charitable giving requires a better approach to fundraising. However, 76% of nonprofits aren’t satisfied with their data and, therefore, are unable to confidently execute a data-based strategy. Cathy Folkes, Chief Data Officer, and Thalamus “T” Hill, Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics, of RKD Group guide you through the steps nonprofits must take to shore up their data now as they prepare for a recession in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forward Leading | June 29, 2020

A frank conversation about systemic racism and how to prioritize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Navigating COVID-19 Grants | June 3, 2020

There’s been a lot of chatter about grants to help nonprofits navigate the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — but where to begin?  Where can you find opportunities, what are funders looking for, and how can you as a nonprofit put your best foot forward in applying for financial support? Watch this roundtable discussion about charities who are creatively adapting programs and finding ways to make their mission newly relevant, and monitoring how grantmakers are approaching the funding decisions.

The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Nonprofit Sector | May 5, 2020

Using results from the largest artificial intelligence (AI) survey in the nonprofit sector, Jared Sheehan (CEO of PwrdBy) and Tim Sarrantonio (Director of Strategic Partnerships with Neon One) discuss current perceptions of AI, AI technologies being used for good, and the future of nonprofit AI. From leading-edge innovators to late adopters, this hour-long conversation has insights for anyone who is curious about the nonprofit sector’s adoption of machine learning and AI applications.

Grant Seeking 2.0: Engaging Next Generation Foundation Board & Staff | February 26, 2020

Your organization is strategizing about attracting younger donors, engaging younger volunteers, and retaining younger staff. Have you considered the generation shift within foundation decision-makers? John Hicks, CFRE, takes us through a very easy-to-follow discussion of the new tactics and techniques nonprofit grant seekers should employ to recognize and respond to emerging foundation leaders and better position your nonprofit for funding consideration.

Nonprofit Risk Management in the #MeToo Era | January 25, 2020

Nonprofits are not immune from #MeToo cultures and sexual harassment vulnerability — in fact, NPO work environments may be especially at risk. What is the board’s role and responsibility? Human resources? How do volunteers factor in? Does your organization have a risk management game plan in place before a crisis occurs? Industry expert Lisa Brauner, Head of Perlman & Perlman LLP’s Employment Law practice, leads us through best practices — and consequences of not acting.

Test of the Month Series

Each month, we host a “snack size” 20-30 minute program, led by Education Programming Chair Nick Ellinger, featuring test case studies that can help spark new ideas for your own fundraising programs. Archived sessions are available here on demand. To participate live and share your own testing insights, register for the series and attend when you can.

Test of the Month | April 2021

This month we take a look at the results of one nonprofit organization’s nationwide randomized trial on Facebook to drill down on the popular question, does online fundraising increase charitable giving? Enjoy this geek-out episode, and manage your spending budget accordingly!

Test of the Month | March 2021

“You will probably refuse, but … ” People like to maintain autonomy and will dig in their heels to prove it. So how does the presumptive statement that someone will refuse to support your cause impact a fundraising ask? Check out this month’s video to find out.

Test of the Month | February 2021

This month we’re talking about metadata. Nick synthesizes the findings from a literature study with 10 takeaways. He also shares an anecdote about a data select mishap that that forever changed how he approached testing thereafter.

Test of the Month | January 2021

After such an unusual year, what could be better than kicking off the 2021 series with “weird donation triggers”? Nick shares three studies with some out-of-the-ordinary insights that just might spark your next new fundraising test idea.

Test of the Month | October 2020

Deadlines! We all work a little harder when a deadline is looming, right? What effect do deadlines have on our donors? This month Nick takes a look and you’ll want to be sure to watch — before midnight tonight!

Test of the Month | September 2020

In the ongoing sector pushback against overhead aversion, Nick looks at the underlying question for donors: “Am I making a good investment with my money?” Test results demonstrate which factors of an organization’s performance offset simple overhead calculations in a donor’s understanding of their contribution value.

Test of the Month | August 2020

By viewer request, this month’s topic is ask strings with no ask amount. Fundraisers do lots of testing with suggested amounts: most recent gift, average gift, highest gift, ascending amounts, descending amounts, upgrade multipliers. But what happens when the ask amount is just a blank? Take a look at some testing insights and see whether this should make the cut for your own testing tactics.

Test of the Month | June 2020

What’s in an enemy metaphor? What’s the difference between crime as a “virus infecting the city” versus a “beast preying on the city”? Do people make better behavior choices when they are facing a “war on cancer”? What about a “war on climate change”?

Test of the Month | May 2020

This month is about Texting and Text. First up, a look at a long term measure of thank you messages delivered via text messaging. What’s your guess, did it increase retention? The test also reveals a little insight about best time of day to text.
Next, the battle royale between pictures and text in email messages. Nick looks at head-to-head newsletter and email layout tests. If you’re spending time (and money) on email design, you’ll certainly be interested in these click and conversion rate results.

Test of the Month | April 2020

You’re testing to optimize your digital advertising — but have you measured to know whether any advertising at all is actually incrementally better than no advertising? From Google to Facebook to DRTV, Nick takes a look at some results that could help you question your own investment biases.

Test of the Month | March 2020

“This failed miserably.”
“But wait, there’s more.”
Sometimes the best learnings from a test are the unintended consequences, the behaviors and results (good or bad) that we influence and may not even notice if we’re too focused on a single measure of performance.

Test of the Month | February 2020

All thank you’s are not created equal. This month, Nick dives into some of the nuances of thanks messaging and techniques. Take away valuable insights into the best ways to convey authentic gratitude to your donors. (You’re welcome.)

Test of the Month | January 2020

We all know the power of the almighty dollar … but what about the power of the almighty dollar sign? Does the presence vs. absence of ‘$’ in an ask amount change the giving psychology? Nick makes it rain with this Test of the Month episode.

Test of the Month | October 2019

Are thoughts and prayers helping or hurting your fundraising efforts? What’s the difference between real emotion and anticipated emotion? This month we look at some data that digs into the correlation between how we feel and how we give.

Test of the Month | September 2019

Storytelling in fundraising appeals works really well … except when it doesn’t. No Kid Hungry | Share Our Strength shares some of their learnings about when and how to use stories to draw a donor closer to the impact of their gift. Then see what happens when someone is asked how much they would donate to help 20 children in need.

Test of the Month | August 2019

Fundraisers know that language matters — a lot. In this month’s webinar, we take a look at a series of tests that reveal some of the best — and worst — ways to frame a bequest ask. (Hint, lose the word “bequest.”) We also look at a case study that shows that an organization’s preferred language to describe their mission isn’t always what will resonate with their donors.

Test of the Month | July 2019

Which is more powerful, guilt or pride? Would you rather help, or be a helper? Take a risk to save lives or prevent deaths? In this month’s Test of the Month webinar, we examine how emotional priming influences a donor’s response.

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