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TNPA | Position Statement

 The Nonprofit Alliance supports responsible legislation that will give consumers accessibility and control. Members of The Nonprofit Alliance take consumer data privacy very seriously.  We believe that consumers should be able to understand what information is being collected, why and…

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It’s been said that good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. There’s a lot we can learn from some of the really bad decisions that have been made -- so that we can make better ones.…

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Leadership Learnings

Just because we’re experts at fundraising doesn’t mean we’re great managers or leaders. Yet most of us who excel in our profession end up with management responsibilities. Often with less training than we received when tackling our first direct mail…

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TNPA Legislative Round-Up | August 2019

Legislative season continues to wind down.  Only California’s legislature remains in session and considering bills of interest to the nonprofit and fundraising community.  Five other legislatures are still in session and many legislative committees continue their work even though their…

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TNPA State Legislative Report | July 2019

Legislative season is winding down as every state legislature, except California’s, is no longer debating bills of interest to the nonprofit and fundraising community. Most legislatures have adjourned their regular sessions altogether. California is still considering bills concerning gifts-in-kind and…

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