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Rising Leaders Summit 2023 is coming up fast, so to help us spread the word we’ve created a social media toolkit! This toolkit is designed to provide you with the materials you need to share this great event across social media within your network of peers, friends, and connections.

Thank you for your outreach! This is going to be another wonderful gathering. We already have a great group and are looking to round it out with more rising leaders from your network.

In addition to social media, we appreciate any direct outreach you can do. The majority of participants at last year’s Rising Leaders Summit said they decided to register because someone else reached out to tell them about it and encourage them to attend. Who do you know who is a promising star? Send them this way!

Write Your Message


Below are suggested options based on your personal or your company’s connection to the Rising Leaders Summit. Feel free to mix and match or customize the copy recommendations provided below. The more you tailor them to each social media platform and your unique writing style, the more impactful they’ll be!


Announce:  I’m excited to be headed to @TNPAorg’s Rising Leaders Summit on Oct. 5 in NYC! Want to join me to learn from experts and network with peers from the nonprofit sector? Learn more and Register here:  #TNPALeaders

Remind: 🎟️ I hear there are a few more seats! 🎟️ Join me at the Rising Leaders Summit in NYC on Oct. 5 from @TNPAorg. I’d love to see you there! Register now: #TNPALeaders


Announce:  Ready for your next career LEAP? Join me and @TNPAorg at the Rising Leaders Summit on Oct. 5 in NYC! Learn from experts, network with peers in nonprofits & make YOUR step-by-step plan to become an innovative, in-demand industry leader. Register now: #TNPALeaders

Remind:  🎟️ Seats are going fast! 🎟️ Join me at the Rising Leaders Summit in NYC on Oct. 5 from @TNPAorg. Featuring industry experts, seamless networking & REAL plans to advance your nonprofit career & boost your leadership IQ, this event is a can’t-miss! Register today: #TNPALeaders


 Announce:  NEWS: I’m excited to speak at the Rising Leaders Summit this Oct. 5 in NYC! Created by @TNPAorg to help develop the leadership & advance the careers of emerging big thinkers in nonprofits, this one-day, one-of-a-kind event can supercharge your career. Register now: #TNPALeaders

Remind:  Don’t miss my remarks at the Rising Leaders Summit on Oct. 5 in NYC, put on by the Nonprofit Alliance @TNPAorg. Register (before seats run out!) to build your leadership skills, network with industry peers & forge a concrete plan for meaningful career advancement: #TNPALeaders


 Announce:  We’re proud to sponsor the @TNPAorg 2023 Rising Leaders Summit for emerging strategic thinkers in the nonprofit industry. Register for this intensive, one-day event in NYC on Oct. 5 to hone your leadership skills, network with peers & insiders and MORE: #TNPALeaders

Remind:  😀 Friendly reminder ➡️ We’re sponsoring this year’s Rising Leaders Summit in NYC on Oct. 5! Learn from experts, network with ease & advance your nonprofit career as you gain the skills and tools for future executive leadership. Don’t wait to register (seats are capped): #TNPALeaders

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Logo for Rising Leaders Summit 2023.

*A special thank you to Interactive Strategies team for putting together these resources. Thank you!

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