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More to Give: Donor sentiment toward year-end giving

There has been one big question on all of our minds lately: What will year-end giving look like for nonprofit organizations? At TNPA, we partnered with RKD Group to commission a donor sentiment survey to find the answer.

Click the cover image below to download the e-book and discover our findings. (We’ll give you a big sneak peek: Donors have more to give.)

Cover of e-book, More to Give: Donor sentiment toward 2020 year-end fundraising

US Postal Service Rate Increases

Feeling confused about the USPS rate increases that were proposed in the first half of October? Nonprofit Marketing Mail will be impacted, in some cases heavily, though First Class increases are modest. Download this detailed cell-by-cell spreadsheet of prices to understand the impact on YOUR mailings. This tool was created for TNPA by Steve Colella of Calmark Group.

Blue USPS mailbox

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