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The #TellUsWhatYouLove Campaign promotes the value of asking for, collecting and reflecting constituent interests and preferences.  

Phase I of #TellUsWhatYouLove is the simple act of asking, and is a pledge to improve our relationship building and enhance our two-way engagement with our current donors, members, clients, and other stakeholders.

We are curating resources to help you get started, and invite you to share your own efforts, big or small, to ask, collect, and reflect.

What are the benefits to asking, collecting and reflecting first party donor data? 

Gets Ahead of Data Risks:

The use of first-party consent data puts the organization ahead of potential data risks and compliance.

Builds Trust with your Donors and Stakeholders: 

Trust and integrity are inherently correlated with choice and control.  Invite your donors to share the why behind their giving, and show them how you will use that information to improve your relationship.  

Improves Communication with your Donors:

Reflecting content that resonates with a stakeholder’s interests will “show them that you know them” and reinforce your commitment to a long-term partnership.

• Creates Brand Evangelists:

Your loyal donors and stakeholders can be your biggest brand promoters with personal testimonials that reinforce their own hero story.

Increases Commitment and Retention: 

Recent studies and analysis have shown that improving communications with first-hand knowledge of a donor’s personal preferences builds trust and loyalty amongst brands and enhances motivation for giving.  That’s a direct positive impact to your bottom line and, importantly, to the work your organization can accomplish.

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Discover Your Major Donors’ Passions and Interests – “Nothing But Major Gifts” podcast, Veritus Group, 29 August 2019

Building Donor Loyalty: The Antecedents and Role of Commitment in the Context of Charity Giving (scholarly article) – Adrian Sargeant (2007)

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